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As a Common Carrier, you should be achieving results like what’s shown below.

These are the results from one of our Top Performers.

90% of Common Carriers Average
Less than $0.91cpm and operate more
than 10,000 miles a month.

Problems with being a Common Carrier;

  1. The unstable fuel prices seem like the rates goes down when fuel prices go up.
  2. Load boards are confusing with trying to figure out what loads to book?
  3. Are dispatchers making you run too many deadhead miles?
  4. The Rates are constantly fluctuating more down than up.
  5. Confused about how to make more money come home?

These are just a small amount of problems Common Carriers have to deal with, and a bigger one is that as long as your wheels turn, you are losing money.

Understanding this Service

This system trains you to learn how to control your loss and strengthen your booking strategy to win. Out of your Gross Revenue, how much do you take home (Net Income) is the main reason, so many Common Carriers use this service.

Follow the instructions below to get started.
  • Step 1. Download the App

This self-training app is straightforward and has been Common Carrier proven to be highly effective to a more significant Profit Return (Net Income take-home pay) results.

    1. After downloading this App – you must follow the instructions shown in the App under the “Training” button.
    2. We recommend you start using this app daily, and on each load you choose to book. You will begin to notice what’s creating your losses, and you will stop doing a lot of these types of loads; this is the first step to learning how to become a Top Performer.
    3. Understanding how to Win as a Common Carrier using this App daily is a crucial part.

This App has a (1) time download fee of $14.99
To use this service, you will need to download this App. 
Download the App so we can start helping you win.

Why do you need this App?

As a Common Carrier, you need to understand your Profitability Statistics in this type of business. You will always have a High Gross, but the problem is a meager Net Income. Means how much do you take home as Profit? Bigger take-home pay is the main reason anyone would start a business.

Time to Join the Winning Team.
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