Starting your own trucking company is a significant endeavor, but the process can be challenging. Here’s what you need to know:

1. **Authority Application**: To begin, you’ll need to apply for your own Authority, a crucial step regulated by the FMCSA. However, activating your Authority requires active insurance, which typically involves an upfront payment of around $5,000, followed by monthly premiums of approximately $2,500.

2. **Activation Timeframe**: The Authority activation process usually takes between 3 weeks to a little over a month before it becomes active. Only once it’s active can you start booking loads.

3. **Insurance Payment**: Be mindful that your first month’s insurance payment will be due around the same time your Authority becomes active. Timely payment is critical because failure to pay can result in your Authority being deactivated, leaving you unable to book loads.

4. **Brokers’ Hesitancy**: Starting a new trucking company comes with a unique set of challenges. It’s crucial to understand that as a newcomer, you may encounter reluctance from many brokers due to your lack of experience. This situation can lead to the acceptance of undesirable loads from some of the industry’s less reputable brokers. Such as TQL or UBER. However, it’s essential to be aware that load payments may not be favorable, and load requirements might be misrepresented. Please note that we do not collaborate with TQL under any circumstances.

Instead of dealing with these challenges, consider leasing on with Eye1:

Leasing on with Eye1 grants you access to the Truck Masters training and services, enabling you to grasp the concept of profit building (building up your take-home pay). You’ll learn how to effectively evaluate and book loads using this service, along with gaining access to over 1,000 brokerage firms for load bookings. Enjoy the freedom to operate your trucking business your way and achieve outstanding profit building success.

**Proven Track Record**: Eye1 boasts over 10 years of active Authority, ensuring reliability and stability.

**Established Brokerage Relationships**: We have solid connections with over 100 brokerage firms, making it easier for you to find loads.

**Competitive Insurance Rates**: Our monthly insurance rates are among the best in the industry, helping you save on costs.

**Fair Load Rates**: Thanks to our extensive experience and impeccable track record in the industry, you’ll gain access to improved rates and the opportunity to collaborate with a broader range of brokerage firms.

**Factoring Services**: We have a long-standing partnership with Triumph for over 10 years, simplifying your financial transactions.

**Access to Major Load Boards**: Once you’re active with us, you can use major load boards to book your own loads and run your business according to your preferences.

When you lease-on with Eye1, we’ll train you to efficiently use the Truck Masters app to manipulate LoadBoards in your daily operations. Learn to book loads using the most popular LoadBoards and understand how Truck Masters guides you towards building outstanding profits (your take-home pay).
Below are the apps that have contributed to our success as Owner Operators within this trucking industry.

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Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll see how we’re creating more wins for Owner Operators in the trucking industry!