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Where will You be in (5) Years?

Truckers Network has made it very simple for you to learn how to start and successfully operate a Trucking Business with our Online Training Course.

95% of Owner Operators – FAIL because of they
DO NOT Understand this side of the business.
So it’s Highly recommended to learn this side of the business 1st. Before you start trying to become your own Boss!

The Owner Operators – Statistics

As an Owner Operator you will always have a High Gross but the problem is your Net Income.
Not making a Profit – Why?

  • 90% of Owner Operators drive more than 10,000 Miles per month.
  • More than 80% of these Owner Operators net income (profit return) is negative.
  • 95% average less than $0.91cpm.

App Users – Profit Goal Training.

This self-training app forces users to focus on achieving higher profits utilizing less fuel.
Profit Return – Goal (Net Income).

Gross Load Payments for 10,000 Miles: $63,516.67

Profit Return / Net Income: $57,600.00

As an Owner Operator mastering this app will become your top priority. Knowledge is Power but most importantly it will save you a lot of time and money.

Time to Join the Winning Team.
Truckers Network

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