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Where will You be in (5) Years?

Truckers Network has made it very simple for you to learn how to start and operate a Successful Trucking Business. This knowledge is the power to saving you a lot of time and money.

We recommend learning this business first
and then start becoming your own Boss!
Trucking Business Training Packet – CLICK HERE
  1. Training Overview – this is a brief guide to the Trucking Business.
  2. Startup Cost
  3. FMCSA / State Setup
  4. Equipment Purchasing
  5. How to get Paid.
  6. How to Book Loads.
  7. Operating the Business
  8. How to Analyze your Loads.
  9. How to Minimize your Fuel Cost.
  10. How to Submit – Profit Reports.
  11. How to Increase your Profit Returns.
  12. Consortium / FMCSA Clearing House
  13. How to Avoid Cash Flow Problems.
  14. Skills Quiz / Test – will allow you to continuously test your skills. So you can determine when your ready to start your own Trucking Business.

Owner Operators – Statistics

As an Owner Operator you will always have a High Gross Income but the problem is;

  • 90% of Owner Operators drive more than 10,000 Miles per month.
  • More than 80% of these Owner Operators profit return (net income) is Negative more than -$5,000 per month (less than $0.91cpm).
  • Only 10% of Owner Operator profit return (net income) is about;

Gross Load Payments for 10,000 Miles: $15,000.00
Profit Return / Net Income: $9,083.33

Pay Per Mile: $0.91

Expenses Details – CLICK HERE
Total Miles 10,000
Fuel Charges -$5,166.67
Factoring Charges -$750.00 / 5%

Please be advised that running your personal equipment 10,000 miles or more per month is not good for business. In fact, this will always result in very high repair expenses. So you can expect your profit return (net income) to ALWAYS be negative.

Our App Users – Profit Return Goal.

We train App users to focus on achieving this goal average on 10,000 miles and some have even exceeded this goal with bigger Profit Returns (Net Income).

Gross Load Payments for 10,000 Miles: $63,516.67

Profit Return / Net Income: $57,600.00

A successful Trucking Business is more then just driving. It’s about extending the life of your equipment with an excellent profit return. Knowledge is Power but most importantly it will save you a lot of time and money. By teaching you how to successfully operate using less miles, less fuel and less repairs for a better net income.

Profit Return / Net Income should always be your most important Objective.

Time to Join the Winning Team
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