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Carrier Account Creation / Approving Carriers

Check – Carriers FMCSA

To Add – a Carrier (Click Here)

Adding a Carrier will grant this Carrier automatic access to view and be able to book your loads in the Carriers Dispatch – App. We advise you to verify their FMCSA before adding them.

Below is a list of Carriers already in this system that another Brokerage Firm has approved. To grant access to your loads with any of the Carriers listed below, search the US DOT#, then click the Edit button for that particular Carrier and check the Approved – to View and be able to Book your Loads in the app Checkbox. Once you authorize a Carrier, that Carrier will be displayed under the Carriers tab.
* If the Carrier is not in this system, click the Add – a Carrier tab and add them into this system.

Your Carrier will need to download this app.

Carriers Dispatch – App
Mobile internet service is required for app users.

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