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Profit Return is your Net Income.
90% of Owner Operators drive more than 10,000 Miles per month averaging less than $0.91cpm.

As an Owner Operator you should never run your equipment 10,000 miles a month. Big Companys lease their equipment for a set time frame. Owner Operators lease for ownership.

Fuel Usage – Loss / Gains: this is the #1 reason for business failure.

A Huge Loss means your overworking your equipment and booking the wrong loads. These type of problems will only increase your expenses in fuel and in repairs. Resulting in a huge Profit Return Loss and eventually business failure.

A Fuel Usage – Loss/Gains that is closer to $0.00 or that reflects a positive number shows your business is operating at a successful level. The better you improve these numbers the better Profit Return you will obtain.

Odometer Trip Miles
This mileage reveals your true and exact mileage. To fully understand where your business stands in terms of Profits this is the mileage that should be used. Use this mileage according to the Analyzer.

Using the Analyzer
This system will help train you to focus on achieving a higher Profit Return with less miles.

For 10,000 Miles your Profit Return should be closer to;
Gross Load Payments: $63,516.67

Profit Return: $57,600.00

By learning to improve your Fuel Usage – Loss/Gains, this will help you learn how to improve your Profit Returns.

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