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Factoring Companies – Grow with Truckers Network

1. Enter your client’s company name and their mobile phone number, then click the ‘Submit’ button.
2. Your client will receive an invitation text with a link to our services.
3. This referral is for the Truck Masters or the Profit Analyzer apps, both of which are integrated with your Accountant Portal.

Refer your clients at any time by sending them a text. When a client signs up for our app service, it’s crucial that they list you as the referral party. Each month the client continues with their chosen service, Truckers Network will issue a payment of $1 per client. The check will be issued in the company name listed in the Referral Program. So, if you refer 1,000 clients, every time they make their monthly payment, Truckers Network will send you a check based on the number of clients you referred. For example, if 1,000 clients pay, your referral check will be $1,000. This Referral Check is our way of saying thanks for helping Truckers Network’s services grow.

Truck Masters – app DISCOUNT CODE; F0E6F952A2 $35 per month.

Easy Records Online Access for Accountants.

Truck Masters / Profit Analyzer – App
Mobile internet service is required for app users.

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