Truck Masters? – Accountant’s Access

Truck Masters?

This service gives you immediate access to all of a trucking company’s transaction records. Suppose you are the accountant for a trucking company. Then this service makes things easier for you to manage them. To get set up, follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the registration form. 
  2. Copy your Truck Masters – Acct ID#
  3. Give your trucking company customers your Acct ID#.
  4. Once the trucking company locks your Acct ID# into their account, you will then have access to their company transaction records.
  5. Your trucking company customers must have a Truck Masters account. All transactions are only submittable through the app.
  6. To get your clients set up with a Truck Masters account, refer them to https//

This service is free for you to register and start accessing your customer records. The trucking company must have a Truck Masters account. This account allows trucking companies to submit all transactions on the go using our Truck Masters app. These transactions included all submissions for payments received and operational expenses. You no longer have to wait to receive any company records with this service. You can log in and select your customer records. All transactions that the trucking company submits through the Truck Masters app are stored for you to access quickly and easily.

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